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upcoming dances:
Sun. Nov. 16: Train Dance
Sun. Dec. 7: Year-End-Round-Up Dance, Sat. Jan. 3, 2015: There's "Snow" Business Like Show Business Dance

Welcome to the ED Center!
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
The theme for our next dance is Trains !
We hope you can hop on The Shoeleather Express
Sunday, November 16th

It's a party every time !
Come join the fun :-)
Polka !   Polka !   Polka !
​It's amazing how well polka music fits to square dancing !

Pictures below.   Thanks for another wonderful day, but most of all thanks always to our wonderful friends who help make these dances happen!

To see photos of the Train Dance visit us on Facebook.
Our Welcoming Committee is dressed for the occasion
Looks Delicious !

(and it was :-)
The Ladies heads will also be dressed for the occasion
The Hall's ready.

(nice Polish flag)
Practicing our Polish and our Music.   It's almost Polka Time!
We Square Dance to Polka Music !

We Round Danced to Polka Music !
We danced a hex square too!