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upcoming Square Dances at The ED Center in Gloversville

Tuesdays in July & Aug, 6:30-8:30
    Introduction to Square Dancing
    $10 pp or special rate for families

Thursdays, July 18, & 25, Aug 22, Sep 12,  6:30-9:00
    Workshop Mainstream & Plus
    and Round Dancing

Sat, July 20, 12 - 4:30
    Welcome back Gene King!
    FIESTA!  Wear a Sombrero!

Sat, August 17,  12 - 4:30
    Mike Sikorsky calling!

Thu-Mon, Aug 15-19,  10am - 9pm
    Mike Sikorsky's Callers' School

Sat, Sept 14,  12 - 4:30

Sun, Oct 13, 12 - 4:30
    Toni's 99½ Birthday Party!

Sat Nov 9,  Sun Dec 8,  Sat Dec 21
Elaine Mikenas wants to pass on our time-honored American tradition of square and round dancing through teaching workshops and calling square  dances which has been her enjoyment for many years. She has been a member of CALLERLAB , the International Association of Square Dance Callers, since 2000. Her philosophy-"It's a party every time!" She has called at the 2015 Springfield, MA, 2016 Cincinnati, OH, 2017 Des Moines, 2018 Iowa, 2019 Kansas City, MO, 2020Atlanta, Georgia, 2021 Jackson Mississippi, 2022 Evansville, Indiana National Square Dance, 2023 Mobile, Alabama Conventions.  She also does  fun dances, demos, and calls for area square dance clubs and other fun groups.

Dennis Viscanti, a native of Brooklyn, grew up in the Capital District. He learned to ballroom dance in his twenties, and has been calling square dancing for 10 years and round dancing for over 40. He is a member of Roundalab, an Association of Round Dance Leaders.  A patient teacher with a simple philosophy... If you want to learn how to dance, you will learn how to dance.
Modern Western Square Dancing, an American folk dance, and Round Dancing are our hobbies.      Both are fun!   Learn as you dance!  

Dancing is an important factor in how we live.   We have both danced for many years and it is our love of dancing that brought us together.   Dancing through life together, we're enjoying every step along the way.   Good friends, good people, good times.

Teaching to the young and old, we look to preserve our national dance in our own dance hall.    The hardwood floor was built by dancers for dancers.   Come and wear it out.  Have fun!
Enrich your life.
Bring a positive attitude and you will find
 fun and friendships along the way.
Come dance with us. It's a party every time!:-)
You may email us at 
or write us
P.O Box 321, Gloversville, NY  12078
call or text us:
  Our names are Elaine and Dennis and we welcome you.
  Our goal is to cultivate the activity of Modern Western Square Dancing and Round Dancing, a great form of physical and mental exercise for all ages. We socialize, dance and form friendships while keeping it fun and simple.
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Professional Organizations we are members of:

   Where's The Dance Square Dance Resources   we use the following software
      Digital Music Magician
   Dance Round Out Your Life
   You 2 Can Dance
   National Square Dance Directory
   Committee to Promote Square Dancing
​   Mixed-Up for cue sheets from all over

The maple hardwood floor we installed ourselves.

Remember the PBS series "The Big Comfy Couch" from the 1990's
The original couch, added in 2012, gives our hall a nice comfortable feel.
One thing I can say is that it is big and it is comfy.

See it on Youtube