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upcoming dances:

Monday, September 1: Schaghticoke Fair
 Sunday, September 7: Disney Dance
Saturday, October 4: Polka Fest
Sunday, November 16: Railroad Dance
Welcome to the ED Center!
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
Yet another Great Weekend Dance!

We had three squares of friends with good food and fun dancing.   We've rarely seen such a group of Cowboys and Girls since the Westerns were on TV.   Mustashes and garters were plentiful, and we got to play "Name That Tune" to old western theme songs.   Hope the pictures below do justice to the enjoyment we all had.   Thanks for a wonderful day!
Opening up the Shutters to our Wild West Honky Tonk Dance Saloon
And the answer is 969.
Some not so well known gunslingers and their gals talking about the good ol' days.
Who's going to argue with a big card shark named Xavier.
She gives new meaning to the term "Call Girl"
Did Wyatt Earp ever do a selfy?
Boy, it sure looks real.
Frank only gets up for all his Ex's
Two great Gals
(and their husbands)
Our Posse
Our Gals
It's a party every time 

We hope you can make our next dance
Sunday, Sept. 7th 

Come join the fun :-)
He would only shave it for her.