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upcoming dances:

Saturday, August 2
Sunday, September 7
Welcome to the ED Center!
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
Another Great Weekend!   We look forward to seeing everyone at our August 2nd dance in Gloversville, and our August 17th dance @ Tsatsawassa firehouse in Brainard, NY. (Our apologies to those who showed up Saturday at Tsatsawassa Fire House for a dance.  There was a misunderstanding.   We did dance there on Sunday.   We had 6 couples and a good time.)

Gloversville on Saturday is always a good time.  Over 3 squares, good food and great friends.
Elaine & her Cow
The Big Comfy Cowch
Hi Chuck & Ruth !   Thank You for the Welcome Sign !
The Cows on Ruth's dress are really mooovin'
The answer to the question on the table is "baker"
Cows are experienced at making pies
There are no bad cow jokes.
It's a party every time! We hope you can make our next dance, Aug. 2nd. Come join the fun:)
It was a day for fans