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upcoming dances:

Saturday, October 4: Polka Fest
Sunday, November 16: Railroad Dance
Sunday, December 7
Welcome to the ED Center!
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
It's a party every time !:)

We hope you can make our next dance
Saturday, October 4th
for Octoberfest

(Wear the colors red and white)
Come join the fun :-)
(Round Dancing to Jo Yakimowski this Sunday.   See Upcoming Events page)

Yet another Great Weekend Dance!   (it's worth repeating)

We had three squares of friends with good food and fun dancing.   Our Disney dance went over very well.   Pictures below.   Thanks for another wonderful day, but most of all thanks to our wonderful friends who help make these dances happen!
Elaine turned The Big Comfy Couch into Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.

That's the silhouette of The Magic Kingdom in the background.   Can you spot Tinkerbell?
It's nice to have new couples bringing their smiles with them.
         A beautiful day 
         outside (and in)
Perdita and Pongo ?
Nothing like going out for ice cream after a day of dancing!
       Dear friends
and long time dancers