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upcoming Square Dances w/Elaine & Dennis:
All events in Gloversville with Elaine calling unless noted

July 11, Sat, 12-4:30,  Life's a Circus, CANCELLED

Aug,  1, Sat, 12-4:30, Beach Party Bash

Sep, 13, Sun, 12-4:30, (theme to be announced)

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Welcome to the ED Center!
A Home For
Square Dancers and Round Dancers
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
(518) 225-1405
Our Round Dancing on YouTube

You can also find a complete list on YouTube by clicking here

recently added

Rumba, 4     He Drinks Tequila and She Talks Dirty in Spanish

Rhythm,  Level       Music or Dance Name

2-Step,  2        Af en Af

2-Step,  2        All My Ex's Live in Texas - George Strait

2-Step,  2        All That Jazz - Liza Minnelli

2-Step,  2        Apple-Peaches-Pumpkin Pie Polka

2-Step,  2        Be My Baby Tonight - John Michael Montgomery

2-Step, 2         Hold Me

2-Step, 2         If I Didn't Have You  (theme from "Monster Inc.")

2-Step,  3+     Just Walking In The Rain - Johnny Ray

2-Step,  2        Kon Tiki - The Islanders

2-Step,  2        My Music - Loggins and Messina

2-Step, 2         Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox - Joe Diffie

2-Step, 2         Spaghetti Rag

2-Step,  2        Winter Wonderland - The Andrew Sisters


Waltz, 3         Best of Life

Waltz, 2         Cattle Call  - Riders in the Sky

​Waltz,  3        Dream Awhile

Waltz, 2         Eternally with Il Volo

Waltz,  2        Miss the Mississippi and You - Crystal Gayle

Waltz,  3        The  L  Train - from "Shall We Dance"

Waltz,  2        Their Hearts are Dancing - The Forester Sisters

Waltz,  4        Today - John Denver

Waltz,  3+      Tonight - Barbara Mandrel

Waltz,  4        Watermark


Cha,  4+         Abraca Cha

Cha,  4            Caribbean Two-Step Tango - Nancy Hays

Cha,  4+          Cuba - The Gibson Brothers

Cha,  4             Dance with the Devil - Michael Bolton

Cha,  4             Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Atkins

Cha,  4             Love Runs Out,   One Republic

Cha,  4             Under The Sea - Samuel E. Wright voicing the crab

Cha,  3+           You're the One That I Want - Glee


Jive,  4+1        Boogie Time (Blue Finger Lou) - Ann Murray

Jive,  5             Brilliant Conversationalist - T. Graham Brown

Jive,  4             Can't Help It - Scooter Lee

Jive mix, 4    Hooked On Swing - Larry Elgart & His Orchestra

Jive, 5+1+1    Muchacha Kiss Kiss Bang - Alex Swings Oscar Sings!

Jive,  4+2        Nobody Here But Us Chickens - Louis Jordan 

Jive,  3+1         You've Got To See Mama Every Night - Georgia Gibb


Foxtrot/Jive,   3+2         Anything But Love - Squirrel Nut Zippers

Foxtrot/Jive,   3+2         Moondance - Ross Mitchell Orchestra

Foxtrot/2-step,   3+2    Pop Goes the Movies - Meco

It's a beautiful day today, Sunday, May 24.
We'd be please to see our friends again.
If you're in the area, stop by.
Chairs will be laid out 6 feet apart.
Masks are optional.
We'll be in the yard all afternoon.
The double gate will be unlocked and open.
This page was last updated 7/1/2020
Isolated because of goverment restrictions, Elaine and Dennis are not idle. 

We are spending a lot of time in our dance hall working on new Square and Round Dance music, routines and videos.  (Not to mention all the work Elaine's done painting, staining, and polishing, and having two doors and part of a roof replaced)

We are also practicing our Round Dancing so that, when the time comes, we are better prepared to bring all of you back into the rhythm of dancing (pun intended).

We truly miss all of you all as, I am sure, we all miss each other.   Stay well and keep in touch.
Round Dance Lessons on YouTube

Cha 01 - Basic, Hand to Hand, Underarm, Lariat
Cha 02 - Chase
Cha 03 - Chase Peek-a-Boo
Cha 04 - New Yorker
Cha 05 - Shoulder to Shoulder
Cha 06 - hand holding technique
Cha 07 - Spot Turn
Cha 08 - Fence Line
Rumba & Tango, 4+
                          April in Portugal - Les Baxter Orchestra

Rumba, 3+    Everything - Michael Bublé

Rumba, 4       He Drinks Tequila and She Talks Dirty in Spanish

Rumba, 4+   Jamaica Farewell - Harry Belafonte

​Rumba, 4      One Night at a Time - George Strait

Rumba, 3+    Perfidia - from "Shall We Dance"

​Rumba, 4+    Sangria - Blake Shelton


Tango, 3      Hernando's Tango

​Tango, 3+    Trust In Me

Tango, 3       Tango Gelosia (Tango Mannita)


​Merengue, 3+2     1-2-3 - Gloria Estafan


​Slow Two-Step   Happiest Girl in the Whole USA - Donna Fargo


Quickstep, 4       Top Hat & Tails - special pressing

Quickstep, 4      Twelfth Street Rag - Pee Wee Hunt

Quickstep, 3       Yakkity Sax - Boots Randolph