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upcoming dances:

Sun. June 5th: "Strawberry Shortcake" Dance, Gloversville

Sat.  July 9th:  (Summer tropical theme)

Sun. Jul 24th:  Tsatsawassa Firehouse Square Dance
     1 Firehouse Road, Brainard, NY   1-4pm

Sun. Aug 21st:  "Elvis 50s Throwback" Dance, Gloversville
Welcome to the ED Center!
31 Spring St.   Gloversville, NY
(518) 225-1405
Newtonville United Methodist Church
Corner of Rt 9 & Maxwell Road

                                Round Dance Workshop Mondays
                                               6:30-7:30pm Phase 2 Lessons
                                                   7:30-8:30pm Phase 3&4 Workshop

Square Dance Lessons and Workshop Tuesdays
                                    6:30-8:30pm Beginners and Plus level, alternating

call Dennis @ 518-225-1405
Gloversville ED Center
31 Spring Street, Gloversville​, NY 12078                             Call ahead 518-225-1405  for more info

Thursday mornings 10-11:30 am New Dancer Basic and Mainstream Workshop. Great way to start your day! Come on down!:) $7 

Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30pm Mainstream/Plus Square Dance Workshop
See you then! Bring new dancers for a new year of square dancing:$7 

Monday afternoons 1:00-3:30pm   Round Dance by appointment:(2-step, waltz, foxtrot, rhumba, bolero, swing, or cha cha, etc.)  Lots of individual attention.

Welcome Dancers! 

We invite you to join us for Western    Square and Round Dancing in
Gloversville, NY

Hey, Check us out on WherestheDance.com 
and Ceder.net Square Dance Resources.
Have you signed up for the 65th National Square Dance Convention in Des Moines, Iowa yet?  It's June 22-25, 2016. 

Registration forms are  at 65nscd.org.

Elaine will be calling there too.
Come join the fun!
Thursday 10:20am 10:30am Plus with Rounds
Iowa Events Center Room 101-103 Square Dance
Plus Elaine Mikenas  
Friday 5:10pm 5:20pm Mainstream with Rounds
Iowa Events Center Room 104-106 Square Dance