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upcoming dances:
All events in Gloversville unless noted

July 20 Saturday Evening Dance                                      flier
     Anniversary of the Moon Landing, 50 years to the day!
     w/ Elaine and Dennis, potluck begins 5:30
     early rounds at 7pm, square dance at 7:30 

July 21, Sunday. 1-4pm  Tsatsawassa Fire House
    Square dance, Brainard,   6 miles east of Nassau, NY

Aug 10, Saturday, 12-4:30 w/ caller Jim Gotta                 flier
      "Radio Dance"   Bring in your old transistors

Aug 24, Saturday Evening Dance w/ caller Mike Sikorsky
       5:30  Pot Luck                                                              flier

Aug. 25-29 Mid-Atlantic Caller's School w/ Mike Sikorsky
     See flyer for details. We need dancers to come!        flier

Aug 29, Thursday, 12-2, Schaghticoke Fair,  Senior Day
     New York Products Building

* * * * * * * *     Come Dance With Us!     * * * * * * * *
Feel free to wear western style clothes
But for a hardwood floor
you should have good, soft sole, leather dance shoes.

Fortunately Tic Tac Toes is right around the corner in Gloversville.
Made in America, with good soft leather soles.
Visit their web site at tictactoes.com
Would you like to have a 
Square Dance party?

We'd love to help DJ or call a Square Dance for you.

Contact Dennis @ 518-225-1405
Tsatsawassa Fire House
Square Dance

July 21, 2019
​1:00 - Fun Workshop
2-4pm - Mainstream & Plus​
with Rounds

9 Firehouse Rd., Brainard, NY
6 miles east of Nassau, NY
just off US-20
This page was last updated 7/15/2019
New Dancers' Square Dance
Absolutely no experience necessary
Come and have a good time:-)

Bring a friend, socialize, learn as you dance

It's a Party Everytime! :)
The ED Center, Gloversville, NY
6:30 - 8:30pm

contact Dennis or Elaine
click here for a flier

Apollo 11 - 50 Years

with square dance caller
Elaine Mikenas

Saturday, July 20, 2019

5:30 - Pot-Luck dinner        
7:00 - Early Round Dancing 
7:30 - Mainstream and Plus
Square dancing, with Rounds

click here for a flier
Become A Square Dance Caller
Mike Sikorsky's Caller School
August 25-29, 2019
Gloversville, NY
Experienced dancers welcome
Callers need you to practice with!
No cost to just dance!
Come join the fun!