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upcoming Square Dances with Elaine & Dennis:
All events in Gloversville with Elaine calling unless noted

Sept 15, Wednesday, 7:30  Elaine Calling, Dennis Cueing 
       at Single Squares, 617 Sand Creek Rd, Latham, NY

Oct. 2nd, Sat,  12:00 - National Custodial Workers' Dance

Oct 17, Sunday,  1:00 - Memorial Dance for George Lovejoy
       at Clifton Part Senior Center, Clifton Common Blvd

Oct 22, Friday,  7:30 - Elaine Calling, Dennis Cueing
       at Latham Circle Sqrs, 617 Sand Creek Rd, Latham, NY

Oct 23, Saturday,  12:00 - Toni's Birthday Party
       at Rotterdam Elks Lodge, Curry Rd, Sch'dy, NY

Oct 29, Friday,  7:00 - Callers' School Dance

Oct 30, Saturday,  7:00 - Halloween Dance, Black Light

Nov 21, Sunday,  12:00 - Thanksgiving Pilgrim Dance

Dec. 31, Friday,  New Year's Eve Black Light Dance
Feel free to wear western style clothes
But for a hardwood floor
you should consider having good, soft sole, leather dance shoes.
Would you like to have a 
Square Dance party?

We'd love to call a Square Dance for you.

Contact Dennis @ 518-225-1405
Tsatsawassa Fire House
Square Dance

Do to Covid regulations, and because EMS is also here, this hall is currently unavailable to us.

A Tsatsawassa representative will contact us as soon as the situation changes.
​1:00 - Fun Workshop
2-4pm - Mainstream & Plus​
with Rounds
9 Firehouse Rd., Brainard, NY
6 miles east of Nassau, NY
just off US-20
New Dancers' Square Dance
Absolutely no experience necessary
Come and have a good time:-)

Bring a friend, socialize, learn as you dance
It's a Party Everytime!  :-)

The ED Center, Gloversville, NY
6:30 - 8:30
We are having a class !!!
Learn to Dance !!!

Hand Sanitizer, Masks, and Gloves not required but are available 
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9 / 13 / 2021
Hey, Check us out on

Friday Evening
October 22nd, 2021

Elaine Mikenas, Rick Hoenes
Ron Schelhaas, Diane Poquette

6:30   Early Rounds
  Mainstream & Plus
      with Rounds
Saturday Afternoon
October 2
National Janitor Day

 12:00  Workshop
  1:00  Social Gathering
  2:00  Dancing!